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The Living Room Acquires Covington-based Coworking Company, Platform 53


Cincinnati OH, December 17, 2018 The Living Room Inc. has announced the acquisition of Platform 53, Cincinnati’s oldest coworking space located in Covington’s MainStrasse Village. The addition of Platform 53 to The Living Room’s existing coworking program is sure to infuse energy, excitement, and diversity into Living Room’s Norwood-based coworking community.

Platform 53’s previous owner, Stacy Kessler, writes, “I’ve known The Living Room since before they began and I am absolutely confident they will keep the spirit of Platform 53 living, and with their expanded resources, be able to do more and offer more than I ever was able to.”

The acquisition comes as a result of Kessler’s desire to focus on her consulting business which helps entrepreneurs develop and manage their business strategy. While the transition is bittersweet, Kessler hopes to “infuse the heart and soul of Platform 53” into The Living Room’s current coworking offering. Both Stacy Kessler and The Living Room owners, Jerry and Joey Haselmayer are excited about the merging of services.

The Living Room launched its own coworking program in late 2017 as a third arm of the business. Aside from the shared workspace, The Living Room is a creative meeting space, as well as a full-service qualitative research facility, playing host to companies and brands of all sizes. With the addition of Platform 53’s community, The Living Room hopes to see its coworking grow into a thriving collection of high-energy professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Living Room will be offering free unlimited coworking to everyone in the month of January. The month-long promotion will kick off on January 2nd with an all-day event including tours, orientation, a free luncheon, guest speaker, and celebratory happy hour. More details for the promotion and kick-off event can be found at

About The Living Room

The Living Room is a creative facility for consumer research and offsite meetings located in Norwood, OH. With over ten thousand square feet of creative space, the full-service facility offers in-house recruiting, project management, facilitation, an onsite chef, and dedicated experience leaders all inside two beautifully renovated historic buildings.


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Strengthening Your Core (Business)

Every business has a core. Whether it’s a specific product, a primary service, or an original merchandise line, your core serves as the cornerstone of your business. It’s the thing that got you into the industry and the reason your doors are still open today.


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Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the day your business first opened its doors. How exciting were those first few weeks as a new establishment, when your strategy felt strong and your confidence, even stronger.

Over time, it’s possible you’ve faced some obstacles. Maybe your core business lost steam or your market didn’t live up to its potential. Perhaps the competition heated and you’ve suddenly found yourself competing with more like-businesses than you had ever imagined.

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Ah, the focus group. Such a time-tested method of market research, and yet, it often falls short of our expectations. We work so hard to craft the perfect demographic­–just the right subset of consumers we want to hear from, and then the conversation disappoints. Is this the cause of a poor facilitator? Maybe we asked the wrong questions?

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Why “The Living Room”

Ever wondered why our creative meeting and event space is called “The Living Room?” It might seem a little backward at first. When you picture a quarterly planning meeting or team building event, your comfy couch just steps away from a stocked refrigerator isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But should it be?