Living Room Cincinnati | COVID
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When you’re a guest at The Living Room it means you are in a safe environment where our staff follows standard COVID protocol. We want to ensure that you have as “normal” of an experience as possible.


  • Guest are not required to wear facial covering masks, but LR staff will provide masks incase attendees would like to wear one

  • Our Living Room staff will frequently wash hands, wear masks, and use gloves when necessary

  • Rooms are frequently sanitized

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout our facility


  • Coworkers are not required to wear facial covering masks

  • LR staff will provide facial covering masks for those who wish to wear one

  • Our staff is cleaning the building on a regular basis

  • Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the space

  • Sanitation station provided where coworkers can access cleaning supplies

Questions or special requests? Contact us at 513-531-5030