Cincinnati Coworking at The Living Room
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A collection of Cincinnati’s finest, bringing their A Game Every. Single. Day.

Experience Makers

At The Living Room, we’re obsessive creators of environments that spark creativity and passion. We believe your surroundings can either hinder or promote your productivity and we are only about the latter. You won’t find a single square inch of our space that hasn’t been meticulously designed with you in mind.

Movers and Shakers

We’re not just about beautiful design. We’re about action. The Living Room is more than just a place to get stuff done. The energy within these walls is calibrated for the bigger things: movement starters, industry disruptors, and trailblazers.

Fearlessly Inclusive

When you join our ranks as a coworking business, you become a part of a larger community. The Living Room is your space, your activator, but also your team. We’re here to propel your business forward and to back you with our group of experienced go-getters. Support comes in the form of regular network events, coaching opportunities, and Living Room original articles full of insight and motivation.

Coworking Perks

We give you more than just a desk. Our workspace comes with all the basics: free wifi, organic locally sourced coffee, color printing, mailing address, and office supplies. But we like to take things one step further with a few extras:

Onsite Lunch and Snack Options
Forget the vending machine, folks.
Free Off Street Parking
Two full lots + Additional Street Parking if that’s your thing
Draft Beer on Tap
Gather round the kegerator, shall we?
Central Location
6 Minutes to Oakley
7 Minutes to Kenwood
14 Minutes t0 Downtown Cincinnati


Community Building Events
Find your people.
Beautifully Renovated Historic Building
All the charm of a 100-year-old building with the convenience of today’s tech.
Stunning Rooftop Deck
Soak up the sun while you’re crunching your numbers.
Second Story Slide to the First Floor
Because taking the stairs is boring.
  • Unlimited
  • $245monthly
    • Unlimited Work Days
    • 8 Meeting Room Hours

  • 8 Days
  • $145monthly
    • 8 Work Days
    • 4 Meeting Room Hours

  • 4 Days
  • $75monthly
    • 4 Work Days
    • 2 Meeting Room Hours

  • Day Pass
  • $35per day
    • One Day Pass
    • Schedule 24 Hours in Advance

The Living room is about community connection and creativity—when those things connect, magic happens.