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Be The Light- 4 Easy Ways to Encourage Your Team and Boost Office Morale


2080 hours. That’s how much time you will dedicate to your full-time job this year. And that’s only IF you are on a normal 40-hour-a-week schedule. Throw in overtime and those unaccounted-for evenings on the laptop, and you’re looking at a third of your life taken over by work.

It’s up to you on how you want to spend those hours. Productive, obviously, but how about your attitude while you’re working? Are you positive? Excited? Energetic? Maybe your mood fluctuates based on the time of year or how the business is running. Maybe the biggest indicator of your disposition at work is the collective attitude of your office. We call this culture, and with culture, comes a whole lot of personal responsibility to either maintain, build-up, or destroy it.

Let’s explore how being mindful in just four areas of your work can change your entire office culture for good.

  1. Make space for personal connection.

If you take a quick poll around the office to see who’s busy, just about everyone will answer with a “yes.” At the same time, we know that it’s impossible to work from the time you get in the office until the time you go home. There’s always a little bit of flex built into our days to keep us sane and refreshed. Utilize some of that down time to connect with your co-workers. Stop by a friend’s desk on your way to the breakroom or make a point to eat lunch with the rest of the crew. Making yourself available to others looking for a quick break or a little encouragement throughout the day will help the entire office feel more relaxed and friendly.

  1. Take things week by week.

Organizational goals can be overwhelming. Do yourself and your entire team a favor by taking the little stuff one week at a time. By recognizing weekly accomplishments and tackling challenges alike, you’ll see the fruits of your labor with more clarity and feel more productive overall. We’ve all been there—when the office feels heavy because our quarter isn’t going as planned. Make a conscious effort not to buy into the negative vibes and focus on small, incremental improvements.

  1. Watch your words.

By far, the biggest culture killer is gossip. A conversation between friends may seem so harmless but when your co-worker’s personal business suddenly becomes the office topic, someone is bound to get hurt. Gossip of any form is misleading and most of the time, inaccurate but that doesn’t stop the wildfire from spreading. Instead of jumping in the conversation, encourage the group to consider the other side of whatever situation is being discussed. Ask open-ended questions like, “Where are we getting our information from?” and break up the churning of negativity.

  1. Consider your long-term goals.

Changing the culture takes time. If it happens overnight, it probably will not withstand the next rocky patch in your organization. Be patient in your pursuit to change or better the workplace. With small wins and a focus on consistency, you will see the ripple effects of your hard work change the course of even the most difficult work environment.





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