Living Room Cincinnati | Why the Next 60 Days Are Your Best Bet for Change
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Why the Next 60 Days Are Your Best Bet for Change

In case you haven’t noticed… it’s the middle of December. Yikes. We’re not entirely sure how 2016 has already come to an end but one thing we are sure of is the crazy potential of the New Year.

Here at the Living Room, we’ve already taken some time to talk about where we are, where we’d like to go, and what we definitely won’t do again. That December-January sweet spot has proven to be the best time for our team to hunker down and regroup. We take annual planning very seriously and think you should too, so here are a few reasons why planning for the New Year now is a great thing to do.


  1. The New Year brings a freshness unlike any other.

It might just be the subzero temperatures or the fact that we start off literally on day one, but regardless, there’s no denying those first weeks of the year provoke a newness in us all. There seems to be a collective energy as everyone comes down from their Holiday high. People are motivated, excited, and probably relieved that the previous year is over, giving everyone a fresh start.


  1. Aligning organizational changes with the calendar year makes tracking easier.

Whenever we’re talking about change, we should also be talking about tracking that change. Measuring year against year is a much easier task than trying to compare last June’s notes to the November before that. When you align your organizational changes with the calendar year, your future selves will thank you. Sure, the fiscal year is important to recognize too, but when we’re talking about change that’s bigger than your budget, we suggest you stick to the ole’ fashion measure of time.


  1. People expect change.

Whether it’s in their personal lives or careers, people expect the New Year to be different. It’s for this very reason that New Year’s Resolutions exist. So capitalize on the prompted willingness to approach things differently and start talking about how 2017 will be better than the last.


  1. There’s nothing more sobering than a stressful end-of-year crunch to remind you that change is good.

Whatever you’re feeling right now is crucial in how you will approach the new year. If the office feels tense because your Q4 sales aren’t quite where you thought they’d be, harness that stress. Embrace the end-of-year frenzy and use it to power your decision-making skills so that when this time next year rolls around, you’re sitting pretty. And the same goes for the lucky few who are celebrating this month. The fruits of your labor should get your team amped for next year and eager to see just how far you will go.

Don’t wait around for the ground to thaw before you decide to do something different next year. Get a head start on your strategy and make 2017 your biggest year yet.

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