Living Room Cincinnati | Why “The Living Room”
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Why “The Living Room”

Ever wondered why our creative meeting and event space is called “The Living Room?” It might seem a little backward at first. When you picture a quarterly planning meeting or team building event, your comfy couch just steps away from a stocked refrigerator isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But should it be?

Since our founding in 2012, we have believed in the power of our surroundings. Many of us came from a small company in its grassroots, start-up phase where it was only natural to meet in someone’s living room because, well, we didn’t have the luxury of a formal office space. But what we found is that those meetings that took place in someone’s living room were actually incredibly profound. Something about being in someone’s home allowed everyone to let down their guard and lean in more than a few chairs around a conference table would have. When we saw and experienced this revelation for ourselves, we couldn’t wait to share it with others.

And thus was born The Living Room. If you’ve glanced inside our walls, either in person or online, you’ve probably noticed a very distinct look and feel for our space. Our motivation comes from those raw moments captured inside a co-workers home, sitting on pillows around the fireplace. We’ve intentionally filled our meeting rooms with comfy couches, chairs for lounging, and wide wooden tables all steps away from, you guessed it, a stocked refrigerator.

We believe that if you want to get real work done, you often have to step outside your office cubical and come into a cozier space. A person’s environment has an incredible impact on both mood and productivity which is why The Living Room is designed to be a space quite different from what you’re used to.

We aren’t looking to recreate Meeting Room C. We don’t have any intentions of matching traditional office décor because our goal is to break you out of the ordinary. We want our space to feel entirely different while still giving you all of the tools you need (and could ever want).

If you haven’t seen our three unique spaces in person, come by for a tour. We won’t haggle you until you book because honestly, we think the space speaks for itself. If you like what you see, we’d love to meet your needs.

If you have seen our space but you’re not sure you’re ready to come back for more, picture your last major in-office meeting. How did it go? Could the outcome have been different if you had taken your team away from the office for a few hours? If so, what new opportunities are still waiting to be discovered?

The Living Room, at its core, is a space for good things to get done. By creating an atmosphere that sparks creativity while giving an essence of home, we’re able to create experiences unlike anything our clients have seen before.

So next time you’re looking for a fresh approach to meetings, big and small, think of a space that gives you both privacy and comfort; a space that stimulates the brain while calming the soul; a space that shatters the traditional meeting mold for bigger and better results. Think of The Living Room.

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