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Wardrobe in the Workplace

Standing out while following the rules can sometimes be a challenge. When it comes to dress codes in the workplace, there are often professional wardrobe boundaries you should always keep in mind as much as you may want to express yourself with your everyday style choices.

Here are three basic tips to help you look and feel the part while remaining ethical in the workplace:

Layer up.

A quick way to turn your everyday look around is to try and incorporate at least 3 layers. This could be a combination as simple as a dress with a sweater and statement necklace or a blouse with a jacket and a scarf. Wearing a blazer over a graphic tee will instantly turn your look from college student to working adult. The possibilities are endless, they just have to work best for you.



Add some heel.

Whether its your favorite pair of stilettos, chunky heeled boots or wedged sneakers. Wearing something with a heel will instantly empower you both emotionally and physically. (Also, lets be honest: there’s no downside to the illusion of longer legs).


Accessorize with a personal touch.

Whether it’s your grandfathers watch or that sweater you had to have for Christmas last year. Wearing a personal memento throughout your work day will give you that extra boost of comfortable confidence and is also a great conversation starter.


Pictured: my favorite accessory. A scrabble letter necklace with my, my boyfriend Ryan, and our pup Marley’s initials.

*Photos by Sarah Urmston

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