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Cabin Fever


It’s Monday morning. You crawl out of bed, peer out your bedroom window and what do you see? White.

(Dude, where’s my car?)

Winter is full of unpredictable days… weeks, even! Whether it’s a change of schedule, delayed flights or working from home, you never know if you’re expected workday is going to completely shift gears at the last minute.

We all know how easy it is to put off tasks, slide under your comforter and sleep the world away when the opportunity presents itself. But we also know how much it completely stinks to come back to reality and realize all of the work you pushed off until the last minute. Instead of feeling stressed out and unprepared when the snow finally melts, here are some medicinal doses to help you stay motivated and avoid catching the sickness of cabin fever:

First of all, get out of bed.

This may seem like the perfect excuse to have the best of both worlds, but the truth is, it never works. Get up, brush your teeth, let the dog out and put on pants. Go sit at your desk or favorite at-home workspace and treat today like any other day. You got this!

Let that light shine through.

OK, it might not exactly be light outside, but nothing says, “let’s be unproductive” like a dark room with the shades shut. Draw those blinds and check out your new winter wonderland view while you work.

Coffee, tea, and everything in-between.

You know what it takes to get your body going in the morning. Whether it’s brewing a pot of your favorite coffee, munching on Greek yogurt with granola, or doing your favorite yoga stretches you might have learned from Emily Merk Davies at our latest LR Yoga Event, you will be feeling more energized and less tempted to camp out under your covers all day.

Put your phone someplace else.

This is by far the biggest and worst distraction of the century. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to keep it by your side (hopefully for work reasons), it’s best to click off the sound and shove it in a drawer.

Music? Music.

Go ahead and open up Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, or whatever it is you find your favorite jams regularly and pick what gets your mind on the right track.

I personally choose Pandora stations such as Bon Iver or Volcano Choir to keep my mind calm and collected, and alt-j or My Morning Jacket when I’m looking to spark creativity and keep things light.

Take some time to play around with it. Only you know what works best for you.

Earn the right to play.

Once you’re done, you’re done! It’s obvious that playing after you work feels better than working after you play, so why not use that as a motivational tactic?

Instead of stress hanging around over your shoulder reminding you that you still have obligations to tend to… it’s gone! You can now be completely present in the moment, full of self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

Stand your ground, don’t give in, and kick cabin fever in the ass. Bring it on, snow!


*Photo by Sarah Urmston

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