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Camping the Season Away


Spring is finally here! As the snow finally melts away, the common question is, “what the hell should we do in this beautiful weather?” The answer is camping. It’s always camping.

To better enjoy yourself at your local campground, it is important to make sure you will be nice and comfortable. Here are a few essentials that you must absolutely have for your trip outdoors:

  • A tent- The ultimate camping essential. Make sure to find a tent that is big enough to keep yourself comfortable.
  • A sleeping bag- Check the weather to see how hot it will be on your camping trip. If it will be a hot weekend, make sure to bring a lighter sleeping bag, and should it be a cold weekend, look into a warmer option.
  • A headlamp- Because it will be dark at night, this will be important if you are wanting to do anything at night.
  • Sleeping pad- You read it right. Many make the mistake of assuming a sleeping bag is sufficient. If you are looking to get a good night of sleep, this is will do the trick nicely.
  • Matches- Camping means campfires, and for that you will need these.
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Food and drinks

Camping trips create memories that will last a lifetime. Campgrounds with beautiful terrain are ideal for the adventurous type, but if you are looking for just a weekend of relaxation, a campground shouldn’t be too hard to find. Enjoy the weather, everybody. Happy camping!

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