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Florists in Cincinnati


-Arrangement by designer Jessica Copp

This city is booming with creative minds, and flowers have been quite the outlet for humans to express that creativity! Whether you are searching for that special arrangement, looking to hire a florist to transform space, or simply creating a little something special for someone you care about (see above), here are some tips and tricks to get the ball rolling in the right direction:

High End for less:

Local grocery stores

Surprisingly enough you can find some of the best flowers and greenery at your local market. The Hydrangeas at Trader Joes as well as the roses found at Kroger are wonderful budget-friendly finds.

(Extra hint: You can ask the floral clerk at the Kroger to create customized arrangements with the flowers of your choice).

Local farms

Some of the most beautiful arrangements can be created from wild flowers. Do a quick internet search to find local farms near you and reach out to the owners to ask about their offerings. I have known a few brides to create centerpieces and even a bridal bouquets from wild flowers hand-picked right from their own community.

The Whole package

If you don’t have the time or the courage to muster up the arrangements yourself- no need to worry! There are tons of excellent florists in Cincinnati who are pros in creating a vision. Here are some personal favorites who are nothing less than amazing:

o   Robin Wood Flowers

o   Marti’s Floral Designs

o   Kevin Ford at Ford-Ellington Designs

Happy flowering!

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