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Handpicked Favorite Songs

Putting together a new playlist doesn’t always mean the songs have to be brand new. Some of these I’ve forgotten about, some just introduced themselves to me within the week, and some just introduced themselves to the world as soon as yesterday.

I found each of these songs particularly interesting for different reasons.

Dragon – The Amazing


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The intertwining guitar sounds… the psychedelic melody. The Amazing is in fact amazing. This Swedish band is picture perfect if you’re looking to expand your thoughts and go creative, and “Dragon”, in my opinion, is one of their best. If at any time I’m looking to find some kind of serenity or a good, slow vibe to write or read to, I light my candles, warm up some tea, and let The Amazing do their thing.

Pacifier—Catfish and the Bottlemen


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This Welsh rock band from Wales was recently introduced to me by a persistent friend who wouldn’t hand over the AUX cord in my car. This song wasn’t the first I heard, but after digging around I couldn’t help but play “Pacifier” on repeat. It’s that type of jam you really wish you had two hands-free from the steering wheel to play the air drums to, and the tune you’ll be singing to in the shower for days. Trust me.

Let it Happen—Tame Impala


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I first heard this song in an airport in Cuba. Tame Impala has been a friend to my playlist for quite some time now because of their unique genre, a psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock. Not to mention they sound like a modern-day Beatles. Their latest single “Let it Happen” came out March 12, and it’s what you’d expect and more.

This song can go all over the place. Whether you’re in the mood to dance, work or drive, it’s made to fit.

Believe—Mumford & Sons


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If you know anything about Mumford and Sons already, you know they aren’t afraid to shred on the banjo the moment their song reaches its climax. Oddly enough, their latest single “Believe” takes a different turn.

That’s right: it’s electric. Same intense build up; same powerful lyrics sung by Marcus Mumford that can only move you in the way you allow it. As for the expected banjo, it’s out, and electric guitar is in. How the song was affected by this change? It remained just as incredible.

Byegone—Volcano Choir


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If I could best describe Volcano Choir, it would be the most badass version of Bon Iver that could exist. Which makes sense, because Justin Vernon was part of the band’s early collaboration with members of Collections of Colonies of Bees. Continuing as Volcano Choir, their style is soothing with a techno vibe. It’s strange and compelling. And if you turn it up loud enough and close your eyes tight enough, it’s an ocean during a storm.

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