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Harness Your Holiday Season Energy for the Best Quarter Yet

Today is Halloween… what many would consider the official kickoff of the holiday season. While some may remain more conservative with their timeframe, declaring Thanksgiving the kickoff, we’d argue the distraction of family and food gatherings has already taken up precious space in the minds of our creative coworkers.

Year after year, the office energy changes at the first signs of fall, which can put business owners and leaders in a tricky spot as they search for new ways to close out the year well. With more folks out of the office and market trends shifting in light of the Holidays, how does one successfully pull through the busy season on top?

You have to harness that sweet holiday season energy. Heres how:


1. Bring the Holidays to the office

The worst thing you can do for your productivity is to “power through” and completely ignore the holidays. This will only frustrate your employees and coworkers and earn you the nickname of Ebenezer Scrooge. Take a page from A Christmas Carol and avoid the office uproar. Instead, invite select holiday festivities into your office. Engage in those Halloween Costume Contests, plan the big office Thanksgiving potluck, and organize a Secret Santa for your coworkers, or even play some classic holiday tunes throughout the building. Take things a step further and spoil your company with a celebration away from the office, like a Holiday Dinner or Happy Hour at a restaurant or a creative event space (like the Living Room, per say?).

Having a healthy balance between work and play is absolutely crucial in these fall and winter months. Celebrating the upcoming events will help the entire company feel appreciated, energized, and full of momentum to close out 2017 strong.

2. Offer flexible work hours

Flexible work hours are becoming more and more prevalent in the professional world, and for good reason. We’ve realized the 9-5 work grind doesn’t work for every industry or every organization. But if you’re still rocking that traditional work week, consider offering flexible hours during this fourth quarter crunch. As family arrives from out of town and students take holiday breaks from school, it will be easier on your entire team if they can work a few untraditional hours when needed. This doesn’t have to become a full-blown policy change, but letting the fourth quarter flex more than the first three can ensure your company stays profitable and on track for an incredible New Year.

 3. Leverage holiday traditions to connect with your clients/consumers

Holiday traditions can work just as hard for your bottom line as your talented team this season. Put the extra use of greeting cards, special gifts, seasonal treats, and the attitude of gratitude to use in your marketing and client retention initiatives. Now is a great time to show your customers how much you appreciate their business. Pass along your holiday cheer through money saving deals or coupons, personal notes, and appreciate dinners for clients who keep your doors open. Get creative with the holiday themes and use this jolly time as a new opportunity to connect with folks just before the office shuts down for New Years. You’ll end on a high note and be top of mind come January when your clients arrive back to work recharged and renewed.


We understand the holiday season can be tricky. If you can take that extra excitement of the season and put it to good use, your fourth quarter numbers will be the greatest Holiday gift of all.

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