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Hello, Moments

Lately, I’ve been catching myself in the tiniest yet most significant moments I wouldn’t have noticed before. It’s not always exciting or philosophical or groundbreaking. It’s not always based on a sudden, heavy change in my heart or the heart of the world.

Instead, I find them to be small, minor details I’ve overlooked throughout my life. These tiny little moments where I begin the day feeling forced to get out of bed earlier than I typically want to wake up, but I get to witness the way the minimum bit of rising light shine over the exit signs on the highway as a result. Or the nights where I skip painful shoes at the bar to share a bottle of wine with close friends and play cards on the floor, filled with belly laughs and genuine conversation that I whole-heartedly hold on to.

Everyone has personal moments that make this life even more worth living for. The problem is, we don’t always allow them to present themselves to us. We grow consumed with the outlet technology offers us, or get wrapped up in routines that leave us comfortable and bored. When I think back on the beautiful pieces of my life, I don’t think about that night I laid in bed watching television and scrolling through my social media feeds. I don’t remember the days I spent in class, closed off and zoned out, absorbing nothing but my own repetitive thoughts.

To me, these do not count as moments.

It is, rather, a handful of time that resembles significant detail in your life– big or small. It is remembered, cherished, and loved.

A moment should be meaningful.

A moment should be challenging.

A moment is meant to inspire.

This is something I find myself so proud of when I walk through the doors of the Living Room. Meaningful moments are found in every corner of our space– as a member of the team and as a guest spending their afternoon inside our walls, created for them to have a genuine experience every time they’re here. It is created for people to kick off their shoes and be who they are while creating, growing, and engaging with one another.

Every detail of our space is designed to assist to these moments and bring purpose to a meeting. It’s a seriously beautiful thing, and it inspires our team every day just as much as we aim to inspire others the same way.

Here are a few lovely details I captured around our space and give us reason to love, love, love living in the moment at the Living Room every day.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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