Infused Water - Living Room Cincinnati
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infused water

Infused Water

Why infused water? I’ll give you three reasons.

Reason number one. It tastes better.

We all love water (right?), so why not add a natural flavor along with it? Especially if clients are in the building, it’s nice to find something that meets in the middle. Between water and soda, this is perfect for those who aren’t looking for one or another extreme.

Reason number two. It’s good for you.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, detox, or hydration, infused water does it all. 

Reason number three. It looks pretty.

Again, this beats the look of plain water on ice any day. Business meetings, hosting clients, or throwing a party—it’s a perfect addition to not only brighten the room but the way you look at what you’re drinking.

A few suggestions on what tastes best together:

-Pineapple & mint

-Granny smith apple & cinnamon

-Strawberries & lime

-Lemon, orange & ginger

-Raspberries & Blueberries


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