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Introducing: Team Experiences

We’re excited to announce the addition of Team Experiences at The Living Room.

Meetings have gone in and out of style, but ultimately there are some meetings you can’t grow without. While offsites are no longer a revolutionary idea, they are a great way for groups to get out of their usual routine and break new ground. We’ve been hosting teams from across the U.S. for over a decade, and have seen the fruits of these gatherings time and time again.

But now, we’ve taken our creative meeting space to the next level. In addition to the incredible atmosphere, great service, and onsite food options available at The Living Room, we’ve added unique team experiences. Check out our list of offerings below:

On-site Barista
Hire a personal barista for your offsite and they’ll whip up any latte, cortado, cappuccino, or coffee beverage of your liking. Perfect for early morning meetings or as an afternoon pick-me-up, our coffee providers, Yield Coffee Roasters are ready and excited to serve your crew.

Tower of Tubes
This team-building experience developed by the Living Room staff is an engaging 30-minute activity great for groups of 10 or more. Groups are broken into teams of 4-5 participants and challenged to build the tallest tower before the clock runs out. But wait, each team member is also given a secret piece of information about the game, shaping their motives and prompting action on their behalf. See how teams interact as they navigate the task at hand.

Axe Throwing
That’s right, we’ve built our own axe-throwing lanes at The Living Room. This outdoor activity combines the recently-popular sport with the convenience of your offsite meeting. Kill two birds with one stone and book a meeting + axe throwing experience without having to travel to multiple locations!

Mystery Box
In this experience teams will work through clues to solve a mystery!

Interested in adding one of these team experiences onto your next meeting or event? Visit: for more details.

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