LR Introduces La Terza Coffee - Living Room Cincinnati
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LR Introduces La Terza Coffee


We are so excited to announce the Living Room’s newest coffee provider, La Terza! We spent one morning at their Artisan Coffee Roasterie, learning all there is to know about the craft behind their brand. Led by Master Roaster Roberts Mbabasi, we observed and tasted (of course) all different types roasts and blends in search of a perfect and unique taste that fits our own flavorful and warm feel behind the Living Room.

During this process, we decided to keep a few things in mind to decipher best what we were looking for in a coffee:




And La Terza made it happen.

The new Living Room roast is a blend between two of La Terza’s most popular roasts, Rwanda Intore and Guatemala Hacienda La Cascada. The Rwanda is known for it’s citrus flavors paired with a graham cracker taste that keeps it calm and full of body. The Guatemala, with citrus and stone fruit tones, includes a caramel and deep chocolate taste giving it the earthy, grown-from-the-ground feel we were looking for.

Together, they make a perfect pair for the Living Room. The entire team simply knew at once, “This is our coffee.”

Whether you like cream, sugar, all or none, our new blend goes well with whatever your preference is. We’re already pretty crazy about it (like 5 cups crazy), and we hope you will be, too.

Learn more about La Terza on their blog.

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