LR Networking Event Recap - Living Room Cincinnati
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LR Networking Event Recap

Here at the Living Room, we are driven to create memorable experiences. But since we don’t always want to enjoy these incredible moments by ourselves, why not share them with you?

As a fun way for our guests to connect with other business professionals and ourselves, the Living Room recently hosted a free networking event on January 22nd at our home base which included a wide variety of stunning appetizers, refreshing drinks, and the memorable experience we’d hoped for.


With the entire office in complete use for the event, the Living Room made our creative space a platform for enjoyable communication as guests quickly shuffled in and got comfortable.

By providing an innovative environment for our guests, the sight of dozens of friendly faces proved to be the highlight of the evening. The values we practice at LR on creating a community within our own space were met, multiple connections were made, and our space became a prime place to hang out. It is safe to say the Living Room’s “Chew and Chat” was an instant hit.

If you were unable to attend the event, no worries! We are brewing up another LR networking event in the near future. Our team and many other professionals are eager to connect with you. We hope to see you there!

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