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Making Dreams Happen in 2018

When you reflect on last year, what comes to mind? Do you immediately take inventory of your wins and losses, browse your bank statements, or get frustrated by what could have been?

The new year brings a fresh energy but sometimes we’re burden by the emotional ties we have to our accomplishments or lack thereof. This year, let’s pledge to push past the mental roadblocks of goal setting. Breathe through the hardships and press on to give your dreams a chance to live in the new year. It’s okay to give ourselves time to process, but let’s not let overthinking be the thing that stops us from getting stuff done in 2018.

So how will you make your dreams really happen this year? It starts with a change of scene.

  1. Get out of your element

It’s hard to think differently about a topic when your environment remains the same. Get out of your element and embrace a new surrounding for an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend. The change of scenery will bring new life to your dreams, enable you to turn off the noise of the everyday, and spark inspiration. Our favorite spots for deep, creative thinking involve couches, a coffee source, natural lighting, and plenty of note-ready paper.

2. Return with 3-5 actionable how-to’s

Don’t leave your new spot until you can successfully return with 3-5 actionable how-to’s. These how-tos are exactly how you are going to accomplish your big dreams for 2018. Try to incorporate a daily activity, a monthly activity, and a milestone you want to reach. Having a loose timeline will help you feel on track and keep you motivated to accomplish the next task.

3. Write your how-to’s where you can see them often

When you get home, write out your 3-5 how-to’s where you can see them every day. Post them where they can be a reminder and serve to encourage you. There is power in writing your goals down, and power in reviewing them daily.

4. Tell someone

When you tell someone your dreams you are instantly held accountable, but you’re also empowered by the support of another person. Speaking your dreams out loud while sharing your goals and vision for your future can open you up to a world of opportunities. You never know who might have a critical connection, or who may offer your next big break. So gather your dreams, and go tell someone.


Making dreams happen isn’t easy work. It takes diligence, it takes drive, and it takes different.


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