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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Stumped on where to host your rehearsal dinner? Overwhelmed with wedding details and forgot you actually have 2 events to plan? Well, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Here are our top tips for the perfect rehearsal dinner.

Who’s paying?

Tradition says it’s the groom’s family footing the bill for this one. But in this day and age, you don’t have to be so conventional. We suggest think of your overall wedding budget, talk to your hubby-to-be and figure out what makes the most financial sense. And when it comes to the budget for this night – think long and hard about your guest list before you choose your venue. Is it just the bridal party and parents? Or are you inviting out-of-towners, too? Think of your cost per head before you start your invite list.


The possibilities are endless, but we say do something meaningful. For example, could you host the dinner at the restaurant he took you to for your first date? Or maybe where he popped the question? You could also consider doing it at someone’s home if you really want to be able to spend quality time with your guests. And don’t rule out creative spaces that are for rent. The beauty of that option is the privacy factor. You won’t have to worry about trying to do a meaning speech to your parents while yelling over a crowded restaurant. Many rental facilities also allow you to bring in your own food. Another way you can personalize this special night for you and your fiancé.

When is this dinner anyways?

Typically people host the dinner right after they do the wedding ceremony rehearsal at the church/reception hall. This way everyone from the bridal party is already together. This would usually happen the night before the wedding. With that in mind, don’t forget to consider the timing of your wedding. Make sure you don’t let your dinner run too late so you don’t oversleep before your big day.

What’s on the menu?

Not the actual menu, but what do you have in store for your guests? First, this night is the perfect night to hand out any bridal party or groomsmen gifts. Especially, if you are giving them something they would wear or take to the wedding. This is also your chance to tell everyone how grateful you are for their love and support. Be sure to write down each person you intend to recognize so that you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving them out by mistake. One other tip – sometimes people want to do toasts and speeches to you, too! Make sure to think about this in advance. If you have that off the wall friend or relative that you don’t want standing up making an inappropriate speech on your big day – maybe prep them to do it here so it’s more contained.

Let it go!

Yes, just as Elsa sings in Frozen from the moment you walk in the room for your rehearsal dinner it is time to LET IT GO! Relax, having a glass of wine and enjoy yourself. You’ve likely been planning this event for a year and dreaming about it for 20+ years! So rather than stress about the 50 party favors you didn’t finish – let your hair down and enjoy your night. Chances are – no one will notice those final small things you didn’t get done. They’re your best friends and family – they just want to see you happy and enjoying the night.

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