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Strengthsfinder Review


We live in a world that tends to point at a person’s weaknesses first. Point blank.

While this piece of information can be pretty cruel, it is comforting to know there are people out there fighting to change such a harsh reality.

American author, researcher and speaker Tom Rath has created Strengthsfinder 2.0 for exactly that purpose.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a book and online assessment created for people to discover the top 5 talents they already possess within themselves, and teaches them how to apply their strengths not only to what they do professionally, but also to their every day life in the real world.

The Living Room uses Strengthsfinder 2.0 for the very same reasons.

Instead of showing up to our weekly meetings to discuss what we did wrong or what we should be doing better, we praise what we’ve done the best in and how we can continue to apply our talents toward an upcoming task.

It makes a difference.

We know one another’s strengths. We discussed them, thoroughly, and we keep them in mind as we work together each day. Not only does this help us work better as a team, it makes us empathically closer as individuals.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 was created to provide readers with the opportunity to do what they do best every single day.

So instead of sulking over what you can’t do, get out there and kick ass at what you can do.

No human being is the same. Strengthsfinder 2.0 wants to show the world why that is such a beautiful thing.