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Turn Your Desk into A Creative Space

Picture your workspace for just a moment. What does it look like? Feel like? Smell like? Does your desk inspire you to hammer out a productive day of work? Or are you stuck in a walled-off cubical leaving you completely unmoved?

We’ve said time and time again that environments matter. Your surroundings can either elevate or hinder your creativity and no matter what industry you work in, creativity is a must. At The Living Room, we believe sprucing up your workspace can actually help you work better. Even if you work in a traditional office, the immediate space around you can always be brightened with just a few of these simple steps:

  1. Incorporate some white space

White space is good for both the eyes and the soul. It breaks up the busyness of life, leaving margin for your eyes and mind. We love the look of this desk, especially for its mixture of white and natural wood colors. (Bonus tip: spray paint a pegboard white to add both white space and some organization to your desk)

  1. Throw in some plants

A little greenery has a way of making any space feel lively. If you’re not the most confident green thumb, check out these plants that won’t die at your desk. Adding plants to your workspace can literally breathe life into your work. Air cleansing indoor plants are just as much a treat for your eyes as they are for your lungs!

  1. Add a diffuser

Essential oils are all the rage this season so hop on the bandwagon and add in a desktop diffuser. This cool wooden diffuser makes for a beautiful desktop addition that’s both functional and affordable. Your mind, body, and spirit will surely thank you when the sweet smell of oils keeps you focused and happy.

  1. Personalize your space

Morphing your calendar and picture frame into one with these personalized prints is a great way to make your office feel like home. Turn your calendar into a photo album for a personal touch that doesn’t take up any extra space.

If your workday calls for a bit more motivation than your daily desk has to offer, consider going offsite for the day. Pop in your local coffee shop, library, or coworking space for an extra boost of productivity.

Let your surroundings work for you by turning your workplace into a creative space.

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