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Photo by Unpolished Conference.

On September 17 & 18, the Living Room will partner with Unpolished, a grassroots effort started by entrepreneurs within the Crossroads community to engage, educate and grow one another’s businesses.

Starters from all over Cincinnati will come together for this two-day event to share their ideas, insights, and stories to one other, and Living Room is excited to be a part of contributing to their development.

We are in the process of designing three spaces for the event—two for interviews + one quiet space. To fit the rustic, masculine theme that Crossroad’s space is based around, our designer Jessica Copp is incorporating neutral colored furniture with pops of color in the décor. It’s modern with a twist of comfort, allowing each expert to confidently share their insight while being their fullest self.

Whether you’re looking to hear different methods of business from people passionate about what they do, build relationships in the Cincinnati community, or discover inspiration to achieve your highest goals, Unpolished is the place to be.

Join us for this incredible experience, grab a beer (yes, there’s beer), and stop by to say hello to your friends at LR. We can’t wait to see you there!

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