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Let’s work together.

We serve research firms, branding agencies, independent consultants, and B2C clients from all across the United States.


How we’re different.

We’ve innovated the classic focus group facility by ditching the one-way mirror altogether.

Instead, project teams enjoy the full effects of standard observation through a live video stream, giving them extra comfort and freedom to move throughout their own client suite located on the second floor.

We also feature several larger research spaces fit for consumer connects, IDI’s, product testing, food tasting, and more.


What We Do

Project Management / Local + Remote

When you book a project with The Living Room, we become an extension of your team and handle the project management in the capacity that’s right for your project. Especially if you’re conducting research in multiple markets, our team can manage projects in cities all over the United States. Whether it’s writing screeners, refining survey questions, or communicating between multiple clients, we’ve got it covered.

Respondent Recruiting

The success of a project rests heavily on the quality of your respondents. We know this to be true for projects across the board, whether we’re recruiting for a traditional focus group, consumer connect, in-home immersion, or IDIs. We hand select recruits from our organically-grown database and use our broad reach to comb through the selected demographic.

Facilitation / Moderating

Optional onsite facilitators and moderators support your entire project by drawing out conclusive data through our empathic approach. By utilizing our facilitators, the project team can take a seat, relax, and focus on the project’s broader goals without having to employ a mediator.

Audio + Video Recording

One of The Living Room’s most innovative features is our audio and video recording technology that shatters the one-way mirror’s approach to traditional research. Client teams are able to view a live stream of each session in the comfort of their own private space, giving them the freedom to move throughout the space as needed.

2369 Research Suite

Focus Group Facility

Our Research Suite encompasses both floors of our 2369 building: giving you full privacy, room to stretch, and access to our state-of-the-art audio/visual streaming + recording capabilities. Specifically designed for focus groups, this suite enables clients to facilitate their focus group downstairs while streaming the discussion in real-time upstairs.

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Station 22

Open concept research room

Named after the United States Post Office station that resided in our building in the early 1900’s, our second largest creative space boasts of large windows, exposed brick, a fireplace, a kitchenette and natural wood beams.

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Room 1910

Open concept research room

1910 is located on our third floor, featuring 11+ foot ceilings and a large open-concept. This space is perfect for a group of 12-15 people. The kitchenette, original fireplace, and flood of natural light are just a few reasons we love this airy upper room.

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The Lodge

Open concept research room

The Lodge features an open-floor layout as well as a private breakout room and overflow area. With vaulted ceilings, access to the Rooftop Deck, third-floor private restrooms + kitchenette, clients find this uppermost oasis the perfect room for any occasion.

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Each research project comes with different opportunities and challenges which means no two projects look the same. Pricing will flex based on the size and style of each recruit. To get an accurate picture of what you project will cost, give us a call and we’ll explore our options together.