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Recruitment + Methodologies


Our in-house recruiters ensure the right respondents fill the seats of your study. We’ve handled projects in all industries including: CPG, healthcare, service industies, fine jewlery, restaurants, sporting, and more.

Nation wide recruiting

Our team of recruiters promises to handle even your toughest recruit with excellence. We’ve been known to turn around last-minute projects in a matter of days while still providing the highest quality. Have a project outside of Cincinnati? We’ll manage the recuriting from anywhere in the U.S. and beyond.

Active respondents

We personally screen every respondant based on their level of engagement to make sure they will provide meaningful feedback in your sessions. Our respondants have been praised for their helpful input and positive demeanor.

Hand Picked

Surveys and skillfully crafted screeners can get you part of the way. Personal conversations and keen decisiveness take the process once step further to help nail down the perfect respondent for any project. Our team goes that extra mile because we understand the quality of your project rests on the quality of your respondents.

Virtual Aisle

Bring the shopping experience in-house with the use of our Virtual Wall. Clients can display products or shelf design to test their functionality without the costly set up of a physical product display.

In-store Experience in-house

Bring the in-store experience in-house with the convenience of our virtual wall. Utilize this cost effective strategy to display any product of your choosing and test the shelf experience in the beta phase.

Easy-to-use Touch Screen

Respondents have full control with the touch of a pen. Folks can “pull” items off the shelf and turn them 360 degrees with a quick swipe.

4x 1080P Full HD

The virtual wall provides a life-like depiction of a store shelf with incredible resolution that is four times higher than 1080P HD.

Live Stream Focus Groups

Ditch the one-way mirror and utilize the convenience of live-stream focus groups. By utlizing audo and video streaming + recording capabilites, clients can benefit from the insights of standard observation without being confined to a dark room. Instead, client teams observe the discussion from their own private suite upstairs, where they can enjoy food, drink, and full control of the camera via a convenient iPad.

HD Streaming + Recording

Don’t miss a moment with HD streaming and recording. This livestream provides all the benefits of standard observation without the limitation of a one way mirror. And because all sessions can be recorded, clients can view the discussion long after the research has commenced.

Private Client Suite

The Loft plays host to client teams of all sizes with a private enterance, private bathrooms, kitchenette, lounge area, and breakout rooms. Watch the discussion happening below on two large monitors and control camera angles via convenient remote.

Prioritizing Respondent Comfort

The environment plays a role in your research, as much as the respondents themselves. That’s why we host respondents in a comfortable space with natural light, exposed brick, wooden floors, and cozy finishes.

Product Testing

Utilize one of our open-concept spaces for product testing of all kinds. See firsthand how consumers interact with your product, service, or food and engage with them in a space that fuels creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Real time Observations

Watch consumers interact with your product and join them in their journey as they discover how to navigate your offering.

Controlled Stimulus

Our research rooms provide a closed stimulus setting so you can focus consumers on the object at hand.

Actionable Feedback

Hear from consumers on the spot and allow their feedback to shape your next line of products and services.

Consumer Connects

Meet face-to-face with your consumers in one of our open-concept reseach rooms. Embrace modern research methods by actively engaging with your consumers as they interact with stimuli, test your product, or participate in a food tasting discussion.

Meet Consumers in the Right Space

Let our intentionally designed environment bolster your research by engaging with respondents in a space they feel most comfortable.

Employ Other Methodologies

Open-concept research rooms allow you to employ a multitude of research methodologies within the same project.

Collaborate with Your End User

Gaining insight from the very people who will go on to use your product or service before it hits the market is an invaluable part of your research and development.

Ethnographies and Shop-a-longs

In-field research can produce rich results when done carefully and thoughtfully. Leave the logistics to our research team so you can focus on true engagement with your consumers.

We'll Find Your People

As with any research project, our team of recruiters will locate your preferred demographic and organize their arrival to any physical storefront or establishment, allowing you to focus on the meat of your project.

Deeper Insights with In-context Research

Depending on your desired outcomes of any given project, in-context research can serve as a superior model to engage with consumers in the very setting they would be in at the point of purchase.

Anywhere in the U.S. and Beyond

Any city, any state, any establishment, we can locate your demographic and be present on-site to help conduct your ethnography if needed. For a hands-off appraoch, utilize a facilitator from our team to complete the research and await your detailed report.

Eye Tracking

State of the art eye tracking technology allows you to monitor what peaks your consumers’ interest. Utlize the glasses in-house to track eye motion on a chosen set of stimuli or take your research into the field and gain insights on the design, functionality, and placement of your product.

Smarter Design Testing

Use eye tracking technology to shape the design layout of any phyisical or digital concept.

Live Feed

Watch eye movements on a live feed so you can see everything your respondent is looking at in real time.

Take Eye Tracking Anywhere

Employ this technology anywhere with a WiFi signal. Possibilities are endless.

In-depth Interviews

Hear from a small group of respondants or conduct one-on-one interviews in one of our six research rooms. Carefully designed for optimum comfort and functionality, our spaces are the perfect setting for qualitative research and thoughtful engagement.

Focused Approach

Spend more focused time with a smaller number of individuals to dive deeper into their perceptions, ideas, and behavioral patterns through in-depth interviews.

Perfect Setting

Benefit from our intentionally designed spaces to ensure your conversations can take place with as few distractions as possible.

Recording Capabilities

Record your IDI’s or small group discussions by utilizing our HD cameras with audio and visual streaming capabilities.

Project Management

Our research team can help manage projects that span across multiple markets, keeping your costs low and streamlining the entire process. Let our team of experts handle all of the logistics of your research project to ensure the quality and results exceed your expectations.

Across the U.S. and Beyond

Whether your project is in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio or in California, we can manage the logistics in multiple markets across the United States and overseas.

Cut Down Lag Time

With one team managing all communications, you can cut down on lag time and get better results quicker.

Highest Quality Anywhere

Every project we manage lives up to our highest standards so you know your project will deliver top-notch results no matter what city you’re in.

Test Kitchen

Prepare any food using our available gas range, oven, microwaves, sus vide immersion circulator, or large countertop space in our second floor kitchen.

Any Food, Any Way

Our full kitchen and cafe allow you to prepare any food in a number of fashions using our gas range, oven, microwaves, sus vide, toaster, or any additional appliance upon request.

Flexible Set Up

Feel the freedom of our flexible room set-up to create any number of environments for you food tasting discussion.

Real Feedback in Real Time

Get feedback on your food or drink product in real time by engaging with your consumers as they participate in your discussion.