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Overcoming your fear of selling

For most of us, selling for the first time is a terrifying hump to get over. It’s intimidating, overwhelming, and easy to feel completely out of place.

The first time I set out to sell for the Living Room was exactly one of those times.

About a year ago, a guest speaker (let’s call him Steve) came into my school. Steve was also a facilitator, and with the Living Room in mind I thought to myself, “I should ask him for some referrals.” Instead, he invited me to a round table he was hosting at a local business in Cincinnati.

As I entered the building, the woman then led me to a small, intimate room with a single table surrounded by comfortable chairs. 12 people who owned their own companies filled these chairs, and my heart dropped. “Oh my gosh,” I thought. “I look like I’m 10 years old.”

I filled out a nametag anyway, and took a seat.

A guest speaker then came in and began to speak on the topics of leadership and conflict resolution. After she’d finished, we were asked to go around in a circle and introduce ourselves and what brought us there. Of course, I was last. And I had never felt so out of place.

Everyone was experienced. Everyone was professional, and everyone was an expert at something. When the circle drew near its end, I frantically pulled together what I was going to say.

“My name is Joey, and I work for a new company called the Living Room,” I muttered. “I’m here to get the word out, meet new people, and hear your stories.”

I was honest and to the point, and turns out, that works.

After the meeting was over, I approached a woman who I overheard was an event planner. I asked her where she typically hosted her meetings, and what she was lacking. I never once used the words “money, buy, or sell.”

We exchanged information, and I brought her in for a tour. She later connected me to her business partner who sure enough, rented out our facility.

I even hosted an event for Steve and the exact same group from the round table.

Needless to say, I was pumped.

My take-away from this experience is the importance behind what it means to put yourself out there. Whether you are the direct contact or not, putting on a brave face and stepping out of your comfort zone is what gets the job done.

Here are four helpful tips to keep in mind before seeking out potential clients:

  1. Look for positive interactions directly beforehand.

It is crucial to tune out any negativity before these types of situations. Talk to those who will provide words of encouragement and only build up your self-esteem.

  1. Be fully knowledgeable on what you’re selling.

Practice speaking on your brand aloud. Read a book on better salesmanship. Remember, if you don’t believe what you’re saying, neither will they.

  1. Have answers prepared for potential questions.

Just like you would for an interview, keep in mind questions that are often asked by others about what you’re selling. Don’t let them stump you; you got this!

  1. Know who you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, who can help you? Who can you help? The market is always changing, therefore keep and eye and an ear open for potential, out of the ordinary clients.

Remember, everyone is human. All it takes a little bit of courage and preparation to step up to the plate.

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