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Rehearsal Dinner Essentials

We’ve just closed the books on two Rehearsal Dinners last week (yes, that’s two dinners in two days) so we’re feeling pretty confident in our Rehearsal Dinner game. We love nothing more than to see loved ones gather in our cozy café and swap embarrassing stories of the bride and groom until everyone’s bellies are full and their nerves have been calmed. The rehearsal dinner is a unique time for family and friends to take a collective deep breath just before the Big Day. And it’s really so much more than a dinner. Sure the food is key, but it’s the experience, the atmosphere, and the service that can turn an average rehearsal dinner into an exceptional one.


The first step in planning an incredible rehearsal dinner is to consider the location. These days, people are opting out of the traditional restaurant venue and looking for more creative ways to host their closest friends and family for the night. Choosing a more dynamic setting can broaden the evening’s possibilities. At the Living Room, we like to encourage our guests to utilize three of our spaces in conjunction, giving our couples an outside deck and patio, a café for standing drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and a large open room with a projector and monitor for a sit-down dinner and sharing time.


In some cases, choosing where you will have your rehearsal dinner also dictates what you and your guests will eat. But not if you’ve chosen a venue like the Living Room. Our favorite part of rehearsal dinner planning is working with couples to pick a custom menu. We start by hearing about your favorite foods and begin to shape a full menu from the appetizer to the desert based on the Bride and Groom’s preferences. Creating a dining experience from scratch really takes the evening to the next level, and is just one more way to honor the Bride and Groom on the evening before they start their life together.


Once location and food are in the works, it’s time to start thinking about decorations. Transforming a space is one thing we do best so if you give us your wedding theme or décor style, we’ll take it from there. Our team of creatives will handle everything from concepting the design boards, to turning them into a reality. We’ll shop, set-up, and tear-down so that all you have to worry about is which picture to post on Instagram.


The final kicker for any rehearsal dinner is staying on budget. Most venues provide pre-structured pricing packages with food and beverage minimums. At The Living Room, on the other hand, we like to hear your budget and work backward from there. Flexible pricing is made possible by creating custom menus and using in-house décor pieces in tandem with our low rental fee and no gratuity added. You heard that right, when you book your rehearsal dinner, there’s no gratuity. You’re welcome.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your rehearsal dinner. If you’re looking for a way to “wow” your guests without breaking the bank, contact our Project Manager today and start dreaming of your magical evening to come.

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