Liz Haselmayer, Author at Living Room Cincinnati
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Why “The Living Room”

Ever wondered why our creative meeting and event space is called “The Living Room?” It might seem a little backward at first. When you picture a quarterly planning meeting or team building event, your comfy couch just steps away from a stocked refrigerator isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But should it be?

Rehearsal Dinner Essentials

We’ve just closed the books on two Rehearsal Dinners last week (yes, that’s two dinners in two days) so we’re feeling pretty confident in our Rehearsal Dinner game. We love nothing more than to see loved ones gather in our cozy café and swap embarrassing stories of the bride and groom until everyone’s bellies are full and their nerves have been calmed. The rehearsal dinner is a unique time for family and friends to take a collective deep breath just before the Big Day. And it’s really so much more than a dinner. Sure the food is key, but it’s the experience, the atmosphere, and the service that can turn an average rehearsal dinner into an exceptional one.


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The Difference Between Planners and Doers

In the spirit of the New Year, everyone is talking about planning for the future (including us). But let’s not forget the simple fact that plans without action amount to nothing. It’s a brutal revelation but imperative that it stay top of mind. So in 2017, let’s not just be a bunch of planners. Let’s be doers.