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To Sell Is Human Review

Selling is a human trait. It is an instinct we are all born with, we just need to learn how to wield it. The book To Sell is Human makes “selling” seem less like a used car salesman speech and more like a sincere and meaningful encounter.

To Sell Is Human is a book full of captivating stories of salesman and saleswomen we can all relate to. They describe how everyone does and can sell, the importance of relationships while selling, obtaining empathic insight, and the motivation behind any salesman.

This book not only teaches the reader how important a true understanding of writing is, but also provides ways to practice and truly understand the concepts with drills you can act out.

To Sell is Human will improve anyone’s selling confidence, and provide them with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and become an even better salesman than the one already had in them.

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